Los Angeles - February ##-##, 2016

Over the course of this two-day competition, Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor will reveal their inspiration image and 5 contestants will use their talents to bring his vision to life on a live model.

February ##: Using Kenra Color and the Kenra Color Neon Collection, contestants will have a full day in a Hollywood salon to color their models while receiving advice, support and mentorship from the judges.

February ##: Day two opens with an intense morning of model styling, makeup and preparation for the main event. Doors open to the public at 4pm, models hit the runway soon after and the battle heats up. Contestants will showcase their artistry, describe their techniques and explain their choices as the judges take notes.

After the final contestant has left the stage, the tables turn and the spotlight moves to the hosts. In an interactive conversation, our top industry personalities offer guidance and insight on the social media environment, success in the digital age and their predictions for the future.

Following this exclusive conversation, the competition culminates with the announcement of the runner-up and overall winner. The night is capped by a cocktail party celebrating the Hair Battle and an opportunity for attendees to mix and mingle with our hosts.